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Interview process – To test or not to test

Interview process to test or not to testPre-employment testing is a method used widely by businesses to find out applicants’ suitability for a given role. Tests vary from technical to psychometric, ‘day in the life’ job previews and a whole variety in-between – depending on the type of role the business is recruiting for.

So, what’s the best approach? To test, or not to test? That is the question.

Attracting passive candidates

Attracting passive candidates

According to research by LinkedIn, approximately 65% of the global workforce was classed as passive candidates in 2016.

What defines a passive candidate? In short, someone who isn’t actively seeking a new role. LinkedIn expands this into three categories: “Passive means someone is thinking of changing jobs, not looking but would be open to discussing one, or not interested in chatting about any new jobs”. Such a large proportion of the global workforce raises the question – how do you attract passive candidates into a new role?

How to encourage collaboration skills in the workplace

How to encourage collaboration skills in the workplace

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.” Vince Lombardi

There’s plenty of clichés out there about the importance of teamwork (‘There’s no I in TEAM’, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’, etc.), but seriously, they’re not wrong!


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