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Get into pole position for your next career move

Get into pole position for your next career moveThe most popular New Year’s resolutions are probably no surprise to anyone, with getting fit, eating better and looking for a new job all appearing in the top ten in a recent YouGov survey. As the festive season fades, we are all much more focused on becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be. This month, I am looking at how a New Year job search mirrors the process of improving your fitness and how the same principles can apply to both.


Remembering the message of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Remembering the message of ‘A Christmas Carol’In some sectors, planning starts in July and ‘Christmas pressure’ mounts in December. If you work in retail, logistics or hospitality, the workplace is likely to become a focus of frantic activity. However, in the more office-based corporate sector, December tends to be a quieter month, and the emphasis of business as usual can be muted by the inevitable celebrations and festivities.


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